First Responders Children's Foundation

How to generate more donations via Spendow

Here is a custom link to the Giving Loop.

Anyone who installs the add-on via this link, with the click of a button will automatically give to First Responders Children's Foundation whenever they shop online at our partners!
Yes, it is that powerful. Take advantage of it.
Let users start their shopping journey from your webpage or blog by adding our widgets to your site.
a. Shop & Donate Magic Button
When clicked, the Shop & Donate Magic Button opens a little box that allows people to go shopping directly from your website. A percentage of any purchase made gets donated to your Cause.
b. Search & Shop Widget
This lets users search & shop for products, brands & stores from your website.
c. Favorite Store Widget
This lets users find their favorite stores and go shopping from your website or blog.
Whenever a purchase is made via any of these shopping tools, a percentage of the amount goes to First Responders Children's Foundation.

Create Fundraisers for more targeted fundraising appeals.
Research shows that people are more likely to contribute when they feel they are helping to solve specific problems with specific desired outcomes.

Create a Fundraiser»