The 2022 Fund

The 2022 Fund

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2022 is the year of hope and optimism, the ravages of the pandemic are slowly receding, and the world is coming to terms with a radically new reality. New challenges such as the threat of war in Ukraine will not dampen our resolve; as a matter of fact, they serve to highlight why we need to come together in pursuit of a more just, healthier and happier world. More than 2000 leading brands in e-commerce and Web3 have pledged to support Spendow in its aim to provide much-needed funds for charities around the globe. We believe the SDG goals can be achieved, and we will continue to work to make this a reality. Join us to make 2022 a watershed year for causes you are passionate about.
All donations go directly to and will be shared with all 8 beneficiaries listed.
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