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DeGoodFund: A Beacon of Collective Impact

At the heart of DeGoodclub lies the DeGoodFund — more than just a fund, it's a testament to our shared commitment to change. Powered by the influential voices of the Yoots and DeGods NFT communities, this fund channels the contributions from brands into projects and causes that resonate deeply with our community.
As every brand steps up to contribute, each dollar in the DeGoodFund amplifies our collective potential to shape a brighter, more equitable world.

This fund is unique in its multi-faceted inflow:

Brand Contributions: Every purchase you make from our associated brands triggers a contribution directly to the fund, at no extra cost to you. It's our brand partners' way of supporting the causes you hold dear.

Direct Donations: Beyond shopping, we recognize the power of direct giving. That's why we facilitate contributions in both traditional currency and crypto, ensuring everyone can contribute in a manner that resonates with them.

Voice of the Communities: Bolstered by the proactive engagement of the Yoots and DeGods NFT communities, the fund doesn't just accumulate, it allocates with intention. Together, we decide where and how to channel these funds to maximize positive impact.

All donations go directly to and will be shared with all 0 beneficiaries listed.
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