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Guild Care

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Founded in 1933 by a dedicated team of volunteers, our charity is proud to have been able to adapt to meet the needs of Worthing’s most vulnerable people for nearly 100 years.

Our charity’s aim is to reduce social isolation and stigma has sadly never been more pertinent.

One way we strive to achieve this aim is running three not-for-profit care homes. Given our homes’ unique financial model, we can guarantee each of our residents a home for life – even if they can no longer provide private funding.

Alongside our care homes, we run a wide range of community services that support older people, people living with learning disabilities, and people living with dementia. These services directly help around 600 vulnerable people in our community each year, offer respite to their friends and relatives, and reduce the financial burden on the state.

Our community services are vital lifelines that must remain intact. They are lifelines that, together, we can ensure continue to make a difference.
£4 could pay for resources such as footballs, craft materials, sensory equipment, and more for our services.

£12 could pay for one hour of care with a specially trained carer.

£20 could pay for development to the garden, sensory room, and other facilities at our Fitzalan Howard Centre.

£24 could pay for two hours of a specially trained carer to provide support to isolated people.
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