Alumni Scholarship Support

A Fundraiser for Jacobs Alumni Association


The idea is very simple.

There are currently over 2000 Jacobs alumni. If each alumni committed to donating €12 each year (€1 per month) this would equate to over €24000 that could be awarded as scholarships to new students.
Locations active Germany Europe
Hashtags #education
This Fundraiser is managed by Nouria Jantz

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R$5,995.18 raised 16 Donations
of R$134,744 target
R$71.47 22 Sep, 2020

R$164.96 21 Sep, 2020

Hana Galal
R$340.42 20 Sep, 2020

Sid Shukla
R$280.72 20 Sep, 2020

Magdalena Cholakova
R$280.72 19 Sep, 2020