Alumni Scholarship Support

A Fundraiser for Jacobs Alumni Association


The idea is very simple.

There are currently over 2000 Jacobs alumni. If each alumni committed to donating €12 each year (€1 per month) this would equate to over €24000 that could be awarded as scholarships to new students.
Locations active Germany Europe
Hashtags #education
This Fundraiser is managed by Nouria Jantz

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11,196.26 kr raised 16 Donations
of 251,641 kr target
133.39 kr 22 Sep, 2020

308.07 kr 21 Sep, 2020

Hana Galal
635.74 kr 20 Sep, 2020

Sid Shukla
524.25 kr 20 Sep, 2020

Magdalena Cholakova
524.25 kr 19 Sep, 2020