The January Fund

The January Fund

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This January we celebrate the partnership theme of the United Nations Sustainability Goals. In focus are Causes and Organisations working for a juster, more equal and healthier world.

Project Fearless is a Dutch organisation whose aim is to empower young girls with the skills they need to thrive in a world biased against them.

The Welcome Centre UK helps local families and individuals in crisis with food, toiletries and other essential items.

Frank Water believes access to safe and clean water is a fundamental human right. Frank Water inspires and informs children & adults in the UK to encourage better habits and create positive change.

Melanoma Fund is a charity whose purpose is raising awareness of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer via national prevention campaigns that target those at high risk
All donations go directly to and will be shared with all 4 beneficiaries listed.
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11 Feb, 2021
Hi all,

A large pending transaction from our partner, Turnbull & Asser, got cancelled and our total donations for the fund dropped by about £1000.
Unfortunately this can happen from time to time although rarely on this scale.
We are sorry for the disappointment this will cause to the benefactors of this fund.


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