Project Fearless

Project Fearless

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After school programs for girls ages 9-14, inspiring bravery and leadership with a community impact!
This isn’t about simply killing time in an after-school club, all of our activities are based on outcomes, and our programs have been specifically designed to future-proof the interests, activities, passions and skills of our girls, giving them the tools and the confidence to discover who they are, and what they want to do with their lives.

Our Mission: Girls, Going Places
To enable more girls to become scientists, engineers, builders, makers, creators or to get to the top of any ladder they wish to climb.
We want to equip girls with the tools to succeed in any aspect of their lives by plugging the gap currently left by society. By enabling girls to define how they see themselves from scratch, we will, in turn, rewrite how the world views girls in general.
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