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The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their family, friends, and carers. There are hundreds of different neurological conditions, including stroke, brain injury, dementia, cluster headaches, and many rarer ones too - we are here for every single one.

Our mission is to enable all those affected by neurological conditions to live longer, healthier, happier lives. We will fight together for an inclusive and just society: a world where stigma, hardship and isolation are replaced by compassion and understanding.

Being diagnosed with a neurological condition can be a frightening and bewildering experience; many people face unemployment, poverty and social isolation as a result. We are here to help.
The Brain Charity has a big ambition to fight loneliness, guide people through the hard times and help them to reach their potential.

We offer a range of services including counselling, welfare benefits advice, adult learning and employment courses, confidence building, support groups for different conditions, employment support, carers advocacy, a legal service and supported volunteering opportunities as well as many social activities. We also offer a national information & advice service which includes a library open to the public and a national helpline and have staff based in hospitals to help patients at the point of diagnosis.

The Brain Charity was born in Liverpool in 1993 and currently has 30 members of staff and around 70 volunteers. More than half of our staff team have neurological conditions, as do more than 60 per cent of our volunteers.
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