Fighting poverty with Christian Aid

by Simba 3 min read

Fighting poverty around the world is a huge task. One that seems insurmountable at first sight, but upon closer inspection, we are all equipped to deal with. Whether it is your next-door neighbour or a whole country suffering from the ravages of famine, no human being should go without the essentials needed to live a dignified life. Extreme Poverty should end right now!

The thing about poverty is that its effects are cumulative - not having enough money to buy food impacts mental wellbeing and health, which in turn decimates the opportunities available to improve oneself, which in turn breeds socially unacceptable behaviours, which in turn serves to further ostracizethe victim of poverty from mainstream society ... it is cumulative, a domino effect that has to be fought at its root.

This is why we are honoured to have Christian Aid as the cause of the month. Christian Aid aims to fight poverty around the world by empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty, either through supporting women entrepreneurship in Africa, loans to farmers in Latin America or by simply being the first responders in areas where natural disasters have struck.
Christian Aid on Spendow

I can go on about the great work Christian Aid is doing around the world, I cannot even begin to scratch the surface on the positive impact they have had around the world. The crux of the matter is about how we should all play our part to eradicate poverty around the world. Every small contribution, when directed at a larger societal problem, can create meaningful change. Especially when these changes are done in collaboration with people on the ground, fighting poverty daily. With Spendow, it is this change we want to make happen

Let me explain. 736 million people live under the poverty line; this means less than 2 dollars a day, and at the same time 63 Trillion is spent on consumer goods every year. So what is 2 dollars? 2 dollars is the donation Nike can give to Christian Aid when you buy a $25 T-shirt from (one of our partners) 2 dollars is the donation Asos makes when you buy that summer jacket for $28.

All these donations are at no additional cost to you. We are not even talking about direct out-of-pocket donations; we are talking about changing how you consume in a small but meaningful way. This is what Spendow represents, small actions done consistently when added up can change the world.

With Christian Aid, we invite you to change how you look at your daily consumption, that grocery shopping, that concert ticket, that fresh pair of sneaker, that plane ticket are all ways to create meaningful impact. .
Hold your favourite brands accountable for playing their part to change the world. Hold yourself accountable for playing your part to uplift fellow man.
You do not need to compromise the quality of your life; you do not need to sacrifice that purchase you have saved for. As a matter of fact, being able to buy the products you love and live the life you deserve can result in meaningful change.

This is not a public service announcement that is filled with emotional blackmail and starving kids. This is about you living your best life and making the world a much better place at the same time.

Let's join our hands together and welcome Christian Aid. Let's look dope and make the world dope too. Let's cop that fresh gear and make sure that we all good at the same time.

When you win, the world wins. Givers never lose.