Become an Elite Partner
We offer Causes an opportunity to become an Elite Partner with Spendow.

The main benefit of becoming an Elite Partner with Spendow is that you get a share of donations from shoppers who use Spendow without choosing a specific cause to donate to.

Background: While we offer shoppers the opportunity to pick a cause to donate to when they shop via Spendow, a decent number of shoppers don't bother, and would rather just go straight to shopping. What we have chosen to do is to put all these donations in a pot and share it with our Elite Partners.

How to become an Elite Partner

  • Register your Cause on Spendow.

  • Get your Cause verified by providing us with necessary details during registration to confirm your Cause is legitimate.

  • Add a link on your website to your Cause page on Spendow.

  • Share that website page with us.