How Spendow Works

Choose - Shop - Donate

Top brands and online stores donate a percentage of each purchase to the Cause of your choice, at no extra cost to you!

Turn your everyday shopping into social impact

Choose a cause to support. (Cant find it? create one here)
Search and find your favourite retailer or brand.
Go shopping as planned.
Donation will be processed at checkout and sent via Spendow on a rolling basis

Something we do every day like shopping can change the world.

Shop from over 700 (and growing!) of your favourite brands + retailers on Spendow and track donations to measure your total impact.

Giving has never been easier!

Spendow connects Causes and Brands with You the shopper. You are empowered to decide how you want the world of tomorrow to be like. Simple no-frills direct impact from the moment you decide to purchase anything.

No Catch, no hidden costs, no hidden agenda

Just fundraising by honest people trying to make the world a better place.
Choose Your Cause, Find your brand/store using the links (or install addon) Go Shopping.

It all adds up to a huge impact

Track Your Donations - Create a free Spendow account to track your donations. No donation is too small, micro-actions lead to macro-impact.