Sea Legacy

Sea Legacy

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Protecting our oceans can only happen if we see it, understand it, and empathize with it. Not everyone can go to the ocean, so we bring it to everyone.

We use photography to contrast the beauty, productivity and wonder of areas in the ocean that are either pristine or somehow protected, with areas that are under threat and in need of protection.

The contrast between healthy, thriving marine ecosystems and the deserted seascapes where the effects of overfishing, industrial expansion, oil exploration, agricultural runoff and so many other threats reign in a state of depletion is at the crossroads of what SeaLegacy does. We use the power of photography to illustrate why protection of marine ecosystems is a smart idea; why local communities and the world at large benefit from marine ecosystems. We use the same pictorial voice to raise our concerns over areas that are threatened and in need of our care and to push for legislation and enforcement to protect them.
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