6 tools you need to fundraise during COVID

by Simba 3 min read

Non-profits without an online presence are struggling due to the coronavirus. Key strategies like meeting with donors, hosting events and fundraisers have all been cancelled, leaving organisations worried or confused about next steps. So, we’ve put together some great (free!) tools that can help you reorganise and get your fundraising back on track!

Give while you shop

With people forced to stay home, online purchases have shot up like never before. Encourage your donors to help out while they shop online - at no extra cost!


AmazonSmile makes giving accessible to millions - all you have to do is register your organisation and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase every time someone shops using your custom link. The program is a great way to supplement your revenue stream and engage younger donors who shop online.


Spendow works like AmazonSmile but offers charities a higher percentage of donations thought its collaboration with 1700+ leading brands such as Nike, Asos, Under Armour, Booking.com etc. that are not on Amazon. It also provides users with donor analytics to help you learn what’s working. Spendow’s added features allow individuals to start a page on behalf of your organisation - which is a great way to engage volunteers and committed donors online while also helping you raise funds!

Start a fundraiser

When large gatherings are a clear no-no, take the party online! Online fundraisers can help you connect with potential donors from all over the world.

Global Giving

Global Giving is a fundraising platform with benefits. Once you create a page, you can participate in year-round campaigns run by the organisation. Many offer matching donations and prize money to help you get closer to your goal amount. Global Giving also has a host of resources, expert advice and toolkits to help charities raise money effectively.


If events were the cornerstone of your fundraising - why not host one online? Eventbrite offers free services to help you plan an event, reach out to guests and get everyone together. While they charge a service fee for paid tickets, you can choose to ask for donations during the event or use the paid version, if your budget allows.

Get help

We all need a little help adjusting to working during a pandemic. While not directly related to fundraising, these services will help tackle the new normal and set you on a path to renewed success!

Hello Alice

Hello Alice launched a new mentoring community, Business for All, that connects you to non-profit organisations and small business owners. Apart from creating a safe space for help and support, they offer resources, financial grants, virtual events and pretty much everything you might need to survive and thrive.

TechSoup Global

TechSoup created an entire resource hub to help non-profits transition to remote work. The team hosts free webinars to support people working from home and is also providing free software and tools. Eligible organisations can also apply for refurbished computers at lowered rates.


Get your story out with Yearly! Help people connect to your cause and boost donations with regular communication through Yearly. The site helps you design beautiful annual reports, board presentations and donor messages to share with your network - and it’s free!
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